Ada seorang gadis yang saya ingat. Dia jauh dengan saya dan orang tuanya dikatakan berada di sayap merpati. Saya ingat dia meminta saya untuk menyimpan, memegang, untuk menghargai janji-Nya. menyeretku keluar dari tempat tidur di jubah malam ia menarik dari ranselnya cahaya. Mataku melebar dengan perasaan aneh yang bergetar. Aku gemetar saat melihat apa yang berputar dari bola itu. Ubur-ubur raksasa yang menyinari langit malam berenang di atas kepala kami. Aku menghembuskan nafas yang gemetar ketika bocah itu meletakkan bola itu kembali ke dalam ranselnya. banyak pertanyaan menggelegak di dalam kepalaku, tetapi ketika aku membuka mulut, Dia meletakkan tangan di atasnya, meletakkan jari di atas bibirnya. Dia membawaku kembali ke tempat tidur. Itulah yang terakhir saya lihat dari bocah itu dan saya menepati janji saya, bukan untuk memberi tahu jiwa yang hidup lainnya. Mau lupa tapi tidak amnesia, seluruh aroma, rasa, suasana masih teringat. Terimakasih pare karena telah pernah memberi semua itu. Tidak mudah untuk melupakannya tapi coba mengikhlaskan saja….. from jogja with Smile. Happy to know you to waste some time with me

And yet when trying to absorb the word by word..
All I can imagine is riding motorcycle through sektor ujung pare-pare.. feeling the wind in my face.. looking at the night lights and all the buildings.. and I can see myself crying and smiling at the sane time.. cause the views and all the memories I have on it really touched me.

i’m still suffering about her, i just tried to give her my all, i never let her alone, always gave to her my everything… we didn’t have many moments together, pare was the only place that i could remember all our away , there was only a problem, i have a specific reason… i’m not able to leave our story, i need her with me… i miss u

Nak jika suatu hari nanti kau menemukan dan membaca dari semua ini..saat itu hati BAPAK sedang dipatahkan dengan begitu hebatnya oleh perempuan yang dia anggap malaikat dalam hidupnya 😢😢
Namun jika kau tak pernah mencoba takkan pernah tau….betapa BERHARGANYA dirimu “ingat” Selalu berdiri tegak menatap masa depan atau ku paksa untuk melangkah 😇😇😉😉😎


World is dark,painful,miserable and troublesome,but we all want light,hope,pleasure,happiness .We choose the way of life which has light ,no matter how small it is,so don’t care what others say,just follow the path which can give pleasure to ur life

End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

jangan menunggu berubah ketika keadaan memburuk

Sebuah kata yang sangat sejuk adalah ketika kau bilang : iya aku juga sayang kamu dan mau jadi milik mu seutuhnya. Sebuah kata yang sangat perih adalah ketika kau bilang : lupakan aku seutuhnya karena kita tidak bisa bersama lagi
Cinta bukanlah sesuatu yg muda untuk pergi. Cinta adalah bagian dari hati dan akan tetap disini.
Aku pasti akan berubah sayang. Tetaplah bersamaku. Tetaplah dekat denganku, lebih dekat dari bayang-bayang diri yang tak pernah mampu untuk berjarak sedikitpun. Jangan pernah pergi, aku butuh dekat denganmu, dan yakinlah kita selalu punya lebih dari jutaan alasan untuk bertahan dalam setiap kesedihan dan pertengkaran
Semua bakal berubah pada waktunya ,
Aku berubah seperti ini karena kau juga berubah. Sampai kapan kita seperti ini?
Diingatkan bahwa smua pribadi memiliki kesempatan tuk m’ubah dirinya menjadi lebih baik. (dengan di awali komitmen) atau tdk ??????
“Berubah atau menjadi korban dalam perubahan “

life like rhythm sometimes goes up and down direction

Today i had one of the worst days of my life. I was(am) thinking my life isn’t worth much, because i am not able to reach anything i want. I used to be a better person. Right know i only feel like a failure. The funny thing is, i am actually one of the most optimistic people out there, but today i needed someone to be that supportive person for me.
I’ve been going through tough times in family and life in general for a while now and”I’ve got all these worries running through my head and it’s hard pushing forwards” “hoping tomorrow is better than today”. I love songs that talk about pain and tough times but at the same time have message that it’ll all be okay in the end and that I don’t need to give up. Thank you Cpk for existing ease the pain💕

story never end

We have known each other for years. He is the love of my life. People say I’m to young to be in love, more or less know how to love someone. . We loved each other that’s all that mattered to me.

Always rejecting him and his name! No one could fill this empty space except for my Lord Jesus Christ…. We just need to let him in and trust in him 🥰 because he is the truth, the way, the light. This song reminds me how badly we treat him and at the end we go running to him for hope

I think I’ve fallen for a person I should not. But my lonely world is brighter since he has come . My empty space is still there, and I know he could fill it, but I don’t have enough brave to try to make he does it. I don’t know what I’m having for him, but there is the fact that I know for sure: we don’t have future.

Second time

I’m broken hearted ..for tha second time in my life.. So..I’m taking time for me to heal..I haven’t talked to beby..i just don’t feel like it, ” At This Point In My Life “.. I need my solitude right now..i never, in a million years, planned on this.. God had his own plan.. If I focus on how you hurt me, I’ll get thru it faster..if I focus on how I Loved you, it will take me longer..I know this pain..I’ve felt it before.. and it’s beautiful, in it’s own way..Beautifully Broken.., but not forever..❤

I dont know why im writing this right now. It will not change anything, but sharing is good. I just broke up with my gf last month. It hurts me so much to broke up with her, we spent almost a 3 year together, argument, laugh, kisses. We shared those things for a 3 year. And now im trynna to moving on with my own way and trynna to find the other one or maybe we’ll meet again if its the god’s plan

moving on

I don’t know who reads this but I’ll be so happy if I can help at least one people with this. ❤ At the beginning of the year I was so in love. I met my first love. He was so amazing. I loved him more than anything and anyone. We had some problems. . I was on my way to the airport when I saw him. He looked at me and kissed me. We were a couple. But that moment my heart broke. My heart broke into million and million pieces. Then we came back together a few times. Now, I blocked him everywhere and I’m happy. I don’t have a boyfriend yet,but to be honest I don’t really want because this year was crap. But I grown so much as a person and I learned so much about myself. When I begged him to stay even tough he cheated on me I lost myself. I lost myself. But a few months later I’ve got a new me. I’m so thankful for my heartbreak because my perspective on life and love has changed so so much. There was times when I was sitting on the roof at 3 am and I was crying like a baby because of him. I cried everyday. I felt like I wasn’t enough. I was so in pain and so lost. But guys. It’s honestly get’s so so much better as the time passes. Cry out everything. Make yourself a priority. I thought that I had to have a boyfriend because I’m so alone and it’s so awkward. But guys… It’s not awkward. You’re not alone. You’re just free. You have to love yourself first. You have to learn about yourself. Spend time with yourself. Your man or woman is waiting for you somewhere. You’ll meet so so much people. There is so much out there. Don’t waste your time crying over someone who didn’t deserved you at all. Guys,everything is going to be ok. You’ll find your significant other. I promise you. ❤❤❤

Let me share you how I moved on. Ex girlfriend broke up with me for there was no more love for me in his heart. That experience was too painful for me. Took me a year or two to moved on. The first few weeks and months, I just cried and have a drink with my friends. I cut ties with his friends that I too became close with and same goes with him. It was hard to see our old pictures together where we smile and shared a lot of memories. I can’t eat properly or sleep. I often cry my heart out till I fell asleep. As days turned into months, I finally have the courage to delete and dispose everything that reminds me of him. I finally have the courage not to think of him anymore and moved on with my life. I focused myself on my studies, finding a job and eventually meeting my current gf. Having your heart broken by the person you used to loved was excruciatingly painful. Thankfully there are people who were always there during those tough times. Perhaps if we see each other again, I’ll be able to say “hi” but with no lingering feelings at all. I am thankful for him as well for letting me go. If in case we ended up married, maybe we’ll divorce sooner


Setelah 3 tahun menjalin kasih,banyak cerita yang sudah kami lewati bersama,banyak kenangan di dalamnya,canda , tawa, dan sedih semuanya sudah kami lewati bersama. Hanya dalam hitungan hari, kami merubah apa yg tak diniginkan benar terjadi , dan mungkin memang aku yang salah,aku terlalu berharap banyak padanya,ku kira jarak yang jauh tak menjadi penghalang hubungan kami,tapi ternyata aku salah.. Terima kasih untukmu yang sudah menemaniku selama ini. 141015

walaupun kau tak pernah menginginkannya,tak apalah,biar semuanya jadi bagian hidup ini…jangan kau pernah melupakannya ,aku tau bahwa hati kecilmu masih menyimpan rasa itu,

hidup harus tetep berjalan…anggap itu sebagai pengalaman…walaupun sesungguhnya itu sulit untuk dilupakan.


Mungkin aku memang berlaku tak adil terhadap waktu , atau waktu yang tak adil untuk berbagi. tetapi meskipun begitu , ku harap rasaku dan rasamu bertahan hingga pada akhirnya segala pengorbanan itu menjadi cerita yang …..

kesalahan yang mungkin membuat kecewa dan akupun tau bahwa dari kesalahan itu telah memudarkan sedikit demi sedikit kepercayaan yang telah kita tanam . aku tak bisa buat apa-apa , aku hanya bisa diam dan diam karna tak salahpun aku tak bisa 😢 WAKTU DAN JARAK ini memisahkan kita 🤷‍♂️

Kau tak perlu berfikir Negatif tentang semua yang terjadi , karna inilah jalan hidup yang harus di jalani apapun yang terjadi DAN akupun harus mengerti kalau rinduku kelak nnti akan membawahku jauh ke dalam KESEDIHAN

Ada saat dimana saya akan berhenti untuk kejar kamu lagi , ada saat hati ini letih untuk bawa kamu kembali bukan karna saya tidak cinta tapi karna pilihan masing-masing sekarang semua kayak begini saya mau buat apa ? akhir dari kisah ini saya dapat apa?? saya dapat pelajaran penting untuk lepaskan setiap orang yang saya sayangi TERIMA KASIH SUDAH PERNAH HADIR ._.

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